Normform 2.0

Simplify your forms Pure CSS form plugin (6KB) | Source Code

Headache-free setup

Implementing Normform into your site or web app is incredibly easy:

  1. Download the minified CSS off sourcehut
  2. Include normform.min.css in your project
  3. Add the normform class to your form element
  4. Profit!
Default Input Examples

Custom defaults

All form elements have been completely customized without sacrificing performance or accessibility. This includes:

Check out the official documentation to see how to properly setup these elements.

Select Option Examples
Radio Button Examples
Checkbox Examples

Baked-in error styling

Error handling and required form elements are supported right out of the box.

Want to give a detailed description to accompany the error itself? Check out the official documentation about easily adding a requirements descriptor.

Required Input Examples
Must be a valid email address
Your password must be at least 6 characters as well as contain at least one uppercase, one lowercase, and one number.
Only number values can be used.